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I am often asked what I mean by “faith-based” consulting. In our current culture, many have grown skeptical, perhaps even a little afraid, of those who apply the principles of faith in their daily life. They are often portrayed as pushy, hypocritical, and just a bit crazy. To be certain, those people are out there. But if we run from faith, we deny ourselves the richness, peace, and fulfillment that comes from incorporating a deeply held faith into our daily lives.

First, you must have your own faith. In this world there are plenty of people who want to tell you what your faith should be. I say, ignore them all. Not that they are all bad, but you must discover God for yourself. You cannot borrow someone else’s faith and know the joy and freedom that true faith can bring you.

Second, once you have come to know God for yourself, allow Him to fill your life with His light. Allow God to drive out the darkness of addictions and destructive behavior patterns. Discover His healing in emotional pains and injuries. Embrace His love and peace in your family and relationships. Accept His prosperity in your relationships, personal life, and business.

I realize this all may sound unreal and unobtainable to you. That is why I offer a one hour free consultation to anyone who is brave enough to give this a try. I assure you I am not out to change your religion or make you into a carbon copy of someone else. I only want to empower you to discover the faith that is the light deep within you. I do this by teaching the practice of Stillness and helping you to apply it to every area of your life.

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